Letter of Recommendation Policy

I am pleased to write letters of recommendation for students who have performed well in my classes. I’m sure you’re aware that a letter of recommendation works as a supporting document highlighting your strengths (or weaknesses). Students who meet the following criteria may be eligible for strong recommendation letters.

  • I prefer to write recommendation letters for students who have earned an 85 or better in my classes.
  • I prefer to write recommendation letters for students who are under my thesis supervision.

I require at least two weeks to finish a recommendation letter. Because many students request letters of recommendation at the same time, I write several letters of recommendation simultaneously. I require sufficient time to know the materials in order to write a recommendation letter and coordinate my schedule. It is difficult for me to write a detailed recommendation letter in an emergency.

Students who meet the above criteria should prepare the following materials and email them to me.

  1. Your CV.
  2. Your statement of purpose.
  3. Supporting documents of your strengths (paper, presentation, etc).
  4. A description of the program which you are applying to. If you are applying to multiple programs, it is better to provide me with a full list.
  5. Contact information of the receiving parties.
  6. Deadline for the letter.
  7. Submission method (email, website, etc)
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